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80mmW x 77mmH

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Lectrotab Auto Level Control

Lectrotab Auto Level Control
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Product Description

Lectrotab Auto Level Control automatically adjusts roll from side to side and Pitch from Bow to Stern to maintain a level Boat, ensuring a much more comfortable ride, and also improving fuel economy!


This control incorporates automatic tab retraction and calibration whenever the control power is switched off. Its unique design requires no feedback sensor for tab position.


LED indicators automatically dim at night and brighten in sunlight. The Auto Level Control is completely sealed and waterproof. Its rubberised cover is UV protected and will not deteriorate in sunlight.


The control may also be operated in manual mode.



  • Microprocessor based automatic leveling Trim tab control with LED tab position indicators
  • Controls roll and Pitch automatically, adapting to varying sea conditions
  • Prevents automatic corrections while turning
  • Completely sealed, completely waterproof (IP68) and will not deteriorate in sunlight
  • Designed for Planing and semi Displacement hulls larger than 20 feet
  • Actuators connect directly to ALC-1 display panel (no external power module box required)
  • Automatically dims LED tab position indicators in darkness and brightens in sunlight
  • Automatically retracts Trim Tabs when Boat is off plane or using optional key switch connection
  • Dual station operation available (ALC-1D and ALC-2D does require external power module)
  • Operates on 10 to 30 Volts DC
  • CE Approved (Compliance with EMC regulations)




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Warranty2 years
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