Accessories for Discontinued Product: GME MT403G 406MHz EPIRB with GPS
    • This product has been discontinued.

GME MT403G 406MHz EPIRB is a Category 2 EPIRB, with Manual & Water Activation is mandatory for all Offshore Coastal Boats as from 1 July 2008 and is now available.


GME MT403G 406MHz EPIRB incorporates a 16 Channel GPS receiver that in an emergency will transmit the beacon’s latitude and longitude as well as the identification of the [autolinksExclude=owner] resulting in faster emergency response time. GME MT403G 406MHz EPIRB is Australian made and is the first manufacturer to deliver truly affordable 406 EPIRB's to boaters around the world.




  • New technology enables this amazing price break through.
  • GPS Equipped provides High location accuracy - around 120m.
  • Fast warm up time - many other beacons take up to 15 minutes.
  • Unique digitally coded message enables Rescue authorities to confirm owners identity within minutes (provided unit is registered), reducing rescue time and false alarms.
  • Solid state strobe light.
  • 6 year battery replacement period.
  • Meets UN requirements for transport as Non-hazardous cargo on board passenger aircraft.
  • GMDSS Compatible and meets the latest IMO A810-19 requirements. Approvals:AS/NZS 4280, COSPAS-SARSAT (TAC 186), European MED (0062), AMSA, FCC ID: TXJMT403-G. All non Australian registered units require special ID Numbers at additional cost.


Remember to test your EPIRB monthly. Details in the Safety Alert Article






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