CH Smith Marine – Furuno 2016 Independent Retailer and Victorian Dealer of the Year
Published at 2016-11-26 00:00:00

CH Smith Marine is proud to have been recognised as the 2016 Furuno Independent Retailer and Victorian Dealer of the Year.


As part of the 2016 Dealer Achievement Awards, this award is granted for outstanding Furuno sales and customer service – for the second year running!


CH Smith Marine and Furuno have enjoyed a long and rewarding partnership that goes right back to 1957, when our former managing director Geoff Smith met the Furuno brothers in Japan and secured the Sole agency for Tasmania and later Victoria. This was relinquished in 1975 when Taylor Marine was appointed as National Distributor, then reinstated again in 2010.


We now have over 40 Furuno products in stock, from fishfinders to radars, echo sounders, Transducers and MFDs.


Thank you again to all our customers for your continued support in helping us to achieve this award.


2016 Independent Retailer and Victorian Dealer of the Year

DRS4D NXT Radar - recognised for excellence in the 2016 DAME Awards.

FCV-588 Fishfinder


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Dawn on 08/03/2017 at 07:01:25
I have been looking for someone who sells basket cane, pretty sure you have what I am looking for BUT I can not find a price per roll.
please help.
CH Smith Help Desk from C.H. Smith Marine Reponded on 10/03/2017 at 07:01:25
Hello Dawn,

Unfortunately we are currently out of basket cane. Our next shipment will be 3 months away.

If you'd like, we can contact you when it arrives in-store.

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