Where is my Micro SD Card?

We often get a lot of people asking how the SD Card supplied with their device is meant to fit into the micro SD Card slot.


When delivered to you, the micro SD Card comes already inserted into the SD Card adaptor. Many are unaware of this and cannot work out how the larger SD Card is meant to fit into the micro SD Card slot on their device.


It is already inserted into the adaptor so you just have to pull the Micro SD Card out by pinching the bottom of the card and insert it into your device.


This video by Delkin explains how a micro SD Card can be inserted and removed from the adaptor (pictured right).


Basically, the micro SD Card is small and compact so that it takes up minimal room in your device. The adaptor is the same as a regular SD Card, able to be inserted into your computer's memory card reader, so you can update software and download your data.