Support your back with Shark Flex Suspension Pedestals


When you're out on the water, you want to have proper support and comfort for your back. And when it comes to having the right support, you can't look past Shark Flex Suspension Pedestals.


Shark Flex has been making waves since appearing at the Sydney International Boat Show earlier this year. It's been designed to be the best performing suspension on the market, absorbing shock and wave impact. They offer ultimate support and comfort, meaning a smooth and comfortable ride for sure!


There's a good reason why Shark has become preferred supplier of suspension seating for many high speed fishing and chase-boats worldwide, including those used in the America’s Cup, as well as the New Zealand Navy and Coastguard!


What sets the Shark Flex system apart is its unique Flex design, which absorbs wave impact on three axis.


Made with Flexanite composite plastic, the Shark Flex system is incredibly lightweight yet robust, with very little maintenance required. It only has one moving part (the shock absorber), which is mounted to two rugged but elegant injection-moulded leaf-springs. These have a massive 200mm of movement, without any of the sharp edges and pinch-points found on other suspension set-ups.


We have two models available – either the standard Flex model (CAG520), or Flex Plus (CAG522). Flex Plus includes a plinth which adds 200mm to the height, but can also act as a handy storage unit.


So as you can see, a Shark Flex is definitely a very worthy investment for years of continued enjoyment and comfort out on the water!


Ask us about one today. For all further enquiries, please get in touch with us either in-store, online or by phone (03) 9403 4800.



Shark Flex (CAG520)
Shark Flex Plus (CAG522)