Safer with Simrad RS40 DSC VHF AIS Radio


Simrad has unveiled their latest innovation in VHF radios – the RS40.


RS40 replaces the RS35 with significantly upgraded VHF radio functionality and built-in GPS. It also pairs Class D DSC functionality with dual Channel AIS for extra safety and collision avoidance.


Dual Channel AIS


RS40's built-in AIS Receiver provides complete safety awareness when you're out on the water.


The Receiver monitors nearby AIS equipped vessels, making it easier to navigate busy waterways. You can then overlay the information received on your Chart or Radar screen through a linked compatible Simrad MFD.


GPS 4 Ways


RS40 ensures GPS reliability in event of an emergency in four different ways:


  • - It has an integrated GPS receiver
  • - There's a GPS Antenna in the face of the radio (which is perfect for open-air installations)
  • - The SMA connector can be coupled with a GPS-500 Antenna.
  • - NMEA 2000 (network kit required) and NMEA 0183 allow you to get GPS data from a connected chartplotter or from another Antenna that's already on the system.


Wireless Remote option


Communication is key. With Simrad RS40, you have the option to pair with up to two wireless HS40 handsets (RDC783), so you can take the radio with you anywhere onboard.


RS40 also has a removable fist microphone which can be connected to the front or rear of the radio, while an optional extension cable allows the radio and mic to be mounted separately. It's never been easier.


Track Buddy


RS40 can track up to 5 friends using the Track Buddy feature. Using a DSC position request, Track Buddy requests the location of another VHF when connected to a compatible chartplotter.


Even better, there's also an MOB function for when some unlucky soul falls overboard!


Available early November.


For more information on how to use your VHF radio, check out our news articles Get the most out of your VHF or VHF Radio Range - How far does it go?


Alternatively, get in touch with us and have a chat with one of our friendly staff on (03) 9403 4800.


Simrad RS40 (RDC760)


HS40 Wireless Remote (RDC783)

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