Lowrance HDS Live - what's the difference?


Lowrance has unveiled the next instalment in its HDS series. Make Way for HDS Live - due for release mid October 2018.


Lowrance HDS series has come a long Way since it first graced our shelves in February 2009. Live takes the HDS series to the next level, pushing the boundaries and setting a whole new precedent in marine electronics.


It picks up where HDS Carbon left off, but adds a new range of mindblowing features and LIVE Sonar views. (Seriously, when we saw some of the first release images here at CH Smith Marine, our jaws dropped).


So what has us so excited about HDS Live? Here are just a few of the features that set it apart from HDS Carbon:


Active Imaging


This is set to be the gamechanger, and the images speak for themselves (see right).


HDS Live introduces the Active Imaging Transducer, with 3-in-1 or 2-in-1 options, for mindblowing LIVE Sonar images.


Active Imaging allows you to see far more detail without sacrificing range or having to change frequencies while fishing. And that's at 800kHz! (with an optional 455kHz for those who need to see even further).


With the 3-in-1 Active Imaging Transducer (combining CHIRP/SideScan/Downscan), you'll be able to see structure, Fish and bottom composition in clearer detail than ever before – even from afar. The 3-in-1 offers more clarity and Resolution than StructureScan HD, and allows you to view multiple angles all at once.


Then if you pair Active Imaging with optional Transducer (ESA703), its 3D enhancement brings even more detail and structure definition, with reduced Noise level and better ability to isolate specific depths. Compare for yourself in the images to the right!


Multiple Structure views


With HDS Live, you'll no longer be limited to just 2 structure views – with the ability to display Downscan, Sidescan and three D side by side so you can view them all at a glance!


And with HDS Live you can split your screen up to 6 ways, taking full advantage of your screen real estate. Even better, it's all on a beautiful SolarMAX HD display, giving you the best Resolution and viewing experience.




FishReveal has been making waves ever since its release with Lowrance's 18.1 upgrade earlier this year, and with good reason.


FishReveal brings extra distinction of Fish targets, combining crystal clear CHIRP with high Resolution DownScan views to highlight targets on the screen to visually separate from structure.


It does this by boosting the solid Sonar returns and tuning out weaker ones to give a much clearer, detailed view of what Fish are up to, with large, clear Fish arches and full DownScan detail.


LiveSight Forward & Down


As its name suggests, LiveSight gives you a live view of what the Fish are up to around your Boat.


Livesight Forward allows you to see Ahead, while Livesight Down gives you an understanding of how the Fish are moving in relation to structure as they move in and around cover.


Integration Options


The options are endless through HDS Live's NMEA2000 connectivity.


Connect your HDS Live to access all advanced features of Halo24 and four G radars such as Dual Range, Velocity Track, Target Seperation and Beam Sharpening.


There's the ability to integrate with Simrad open array Radar (3/4/6ft sizes), SmartSteer for on screen control of your MotorGuide Xi5, or SonicHub to enjoy all your favourite music onboard.


You can also access your smartphone directly from your HDS Live through its Livecast function using an Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter Cable – and display mapping, satellite and weather app imagery from your phone – all in the one split screen!


With so many jaw-dropping new features, HDS Live is one to look out for – so if you're looking to upgrade your electronics set-up, why not check one out today?


For more information, get in touch with us on (03) 9403 4800.


Active Imaging (top) vs. Totalscan/ Structurescan (bottom)
The incredible definition of Active Imaging
Split your screen up to 6 ways (HDS12 and HDS16 only)