Halo24 – A New Revolution in Radar

Halo24 Radar is set to shake up the marine Radar scene, revolutionising pulse compression technology all over again. Available early November.


In an industry-first, Halo24 offers ultra-fast 60rpm high-speed rotation at distances up to 2 nautical miles, delivering the ultimate in collision avoidance.


With such a fast refresh rate, this means you'll have an almost real-time view of what's going on – with improved MARPA tracking and much more accurate data.


From a single compact radome, Halo24 delivers simultaneous short and long range scanning up to 48 nautical miles, while VelocityTrack Doppler technology will help identify potential hazards in an instant. It's also designed to process multiple ranges simultaneously for advanced, instantaneous Dual Range performance.


Halo Radar has been kicking goals and winning awards ever since it first shook up the Radar game with pulse compression technology in 2015.


Not only does the new Halo24 refresh incredibly quickly, but it's also the lightest 24” pulse compression Radar dome on the market. Its extremely fast refresh rate is great for high speed and short range tracking.


“The Halo24 dome Radar was designed with the latest innovations in Radar technology,” says Leif Ottosson, Navico CEO. “Boaters will get unparalleled Radar speeds, an easy user experience with multiple viewing modes, and an advanced feeling of safety with all potential hazards visible on screen.”


Available early November.


Join the revolution and enquire about HALO Radar with us today!


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Action Shot of AIS in radar PPI on HDS Live.
48nm range benefits with weather, top shows cell at 40nm allowing early course alteration Bottom image shows cells with strong returns at 16-20nm giving plenty of time to avoid nad head home.

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