Game On with Pakula Lures

At CH Smith Marine we stock a range of great Australian brands, so we're excited to be adding the Pakula range of big game fishing Gear to our line-up.


Hailing from the Gold Coast, Pakula Fishing Lures have been developed by Peter Pakula and his team to provide an unsurpassed strike rate when it comes to game fishing.


Pakula produces high-performing lures – everything from Trolling lure skirts, lures and rigs, to their super sharp Dojo hooks, tools and other accessories.

Their Original Hothead Lures are a hard head polyurethane lure that's tried, tested and perfect for game fishing. Each has a distinctive Lumo Eye, pioneered by Pakula. In fact, it was Pakula that was first to introduce Lumo and UV additives to the world of game fishing.


We also stock the Pakula Low Rider Flippy Floppy Chain, a versatile four-armed teaser rig designed to cause a stir when Trolling for game Fish. Trailing predators can't resist this rig's action, and they're in for the chase in no time!


There's also the handy, fold-out Pakula Lure Bag which is perfect for storing your lures in. The bag rolls out to reveal 5 clear storage pockets with reinforced handles and full length Velcro over-flap to keep your lures secure.


So next time you walk into our Fairfield store at 189 Grange Rd, be sure to check out the colourful display of Pakula Lures behind the counter – you won't miss it!


For all other enquiries, get in touch with us in-store, online or on (03) 9403 4800.


Our colourful display in-store
Original Hothead Lure - variety of colours and sizes available.
Low Rider Flippy Floppy Chain