<p><strong>xHUB with Antenna</strong></p><p>66mmDia x 228mmL</p><p>Weight 10g</p> Zoom

xHUB with Antenna

66mmDia x 228mmL

Weight 10g

FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch

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Product Description

FELL Marine MOB+ Wireless Kill Switch is a wireless electronic Kill Switch which can be used on boats sized 40 feet or less.


While a corded Kill Switch ties you to a very limited space onboard, with the wireless MOB+ you have all the benefits of electronics but freedom and additional safety as well. If you're wearing the xFOB and fall Overboard, and are still within range (up to 50ft), MOB+ will shut down your boat's engine so that your friends can turn around and come back to save you.


It's simple. As you board your Boat, press the xFOB to connect to the xHUB. A green light and an audio signal will confirm the connection and the engine can be started. Should a fall over board occur the engine will be shut down, then restarted 6 seconds after so that passengers can restart the engine to save the person in the water. When leaving the Boat, press the xFOB once to disconnect.


MOB+ can store and remember up to 20 xFOBs per xHUB, so various users of the same Boat can have their personal xFOB for when they are using the Boat. Note: only one xFOB can be connected at a time.


MOB+ supplied with:

  • 1 x XHUB with antenna
  • 1 x XFOB with battery
  • 1 x connection cable
  • 7 x BulletSplices and Butt Splices



  • IP68 waterproof protection
  • Range: Up to 50ft
  • Battery life: 300hrs continuous
  • Voltage: 3V lithium battery

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Country of Manufacture Norway
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