To Fish by towing an number of baited lines or lures behind a Boat Underway, often moving a speeds of 10 knots.

Saltwater motors are white, and freshwater motors are black.


How to pick the right charger for your trolling motor


Determine how many charging banks your trolling system needs.
You need one charging bank per battery (include your staring battery, if appropriate).

Then determine the speed of recovery/ recharging time your require:

* 4-6 hrs recovery time - 10 Amps per bank

* 10-12 hrs recovery time - 5 or 6 Amps per bank


Select accordingly from these Minn Kota chargers -

* 114584 - MK 210A Charger  - 5 Amps per bank; total 10 Amps

* 114586 - MK 220A Charger  - 10 Amps per bank; total 20 Amps


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