Structure Scan

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A capability add-on module for Lowrance Fishfinder / chartplotter units that utilises Broadband technology and a high-frequency, very-narrow-beam Transducer to collate DownScan bottom data together with Side Scan data from both sides of the Boat, to build an almost photographic image of the underwater world below and around your Boat. (c.f. Side Imaging, down imaging)




There have been innovations of StructureScan so far -


First, in 2010, came the original StructureScan - LSS-1. (LSS standing for Lowrance Structure Scan).

The LSS-1 StructureScan Transducer operates at 455kHz and 800kHz, so is optimal in shallower water (<50m @ 455kHz) and like most imaging modules that collate Sonar data into a representative image, is best operated at 2-8knots and with minimal Port or Starboard side waves. The visual display can be limited to one side of the Boat or the other, both sides simultaneously. You can change the number of metres you can view or take a view of the bottom directly below the Boat.


StructureScan HD (LSS-2) followed in March 2012, offering boaties a higher definition StructureScan.


In December 2015, the revolutionary StructureScan 3D was released for use with Lowrance and Simrad MFDs, giving users the ability to see what's beneath their Boat in stunning high Resolution, three-dimensional detail.


You can compare the difference between StructureScan 2D and 3D in the image below - with the top half showing the 2D StructureScan HD (LSS-2), and bottom half being the 3D:


Comparing 2D and 3D StructureScan



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