Grey Market

Similar Terms: Parallel Market

Grey Market products (or parallel market) are products traded (albeit legally) through distribution Channels that are unofficial, unorthorised or unintended by the OEM.


With the increase in online purchasing, consumers need to be wary of grey market products and ensure that what they are purchasing will suit their needs and the requirements of the region in which the product will be used. This is particularly the case with electronic products which are often cheaper overseas and imported by someone, but then do not meet the local regulations or requirements!


As an Australian Authorised dealer for many product lines, CH Smith Marine does not support, offer or condone grey market importing. We often get phone calls from people asking why their products don't work and this can occur because a grey market product has not been configured to operate in this region and comes with the following issues:


  • Not type approved (in some cases making their use illegal & may result in persecution by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority))
  • No Warranty
  • No Repair Support
  • No Parts availability
  • Often wrong versions for this market/region
  • Often missing accessories
  • Often missing functionality
  • = Many unhappy customers