Down Imaging

Similar Terms: DownImaging, DownScan, Down Scan,DSI,Down Scan Imaging,DownScans,Downscanning,DI, DownVision

Down Imaging, as the name suggests, is the ability on fishfinders to provide detailed picture-like images of the bottom and structures directly below the Boat. The picture-like images are displayed using specific Down Imaging software that represents the return Sonar signal in a more realistic manner.


The term Down ImagingTM is a registered trademark (TM) of Humminbird. Other Fishfinder brands have similar software, but cannot refer to it as Down Imaging, eg. Lowrance have trademarked their software/technology as DownScan ImagingTM (DSI).


The Frequency used for Down Imaging is typically 800 kHz (45°) and 455khz (75°) - hence the technology operates best in shallower waters. The 800khz Beam gives the sharpest image Resolution whereas the 455khz Beam gives the best overall image quality and depth.


When combined with Side Imaging technology, Down Imaging gives the user a full 180 degree view of the bottom. (c.f. Side Imaging, StructureScan)

lowrance DownScan Imaging (top right), Traditional 2d Sonar (bottom right) and SideScan (left)

Humminbird Down Imaging (top left), Traditional 2d Sonar (bottom left) and Side Imaging (right)

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