610mmL leg, 400mmD generator (not including bracket) Zoom

610mmL leg, 400mmD generator (not including bracket)

Watt & Sea Racing Aluminium 600 Hydrogenerator

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Product Description
Watt & Sea Racing Aluminium 600 Hydrogenerator is designed to be installed on high speed racing vessels and feature a controlled Pitch Propeller to allow for high speed launches and even less Drag to function even more efficiently than other Watt & Sea generators.
  • Ideal for high speed boats travelling between 5-30 knots
  • Output at 10 knots of:
    • 24A @ 12V @ max adjustment
    • 3.5A @ 12V @ minimum adjustment
  • Controlled Pitch Propeller that functions independently with a hydraulic pump
  • 600W max output
  • Hydrodynamic design
  • Quiet running with oversized and oil lubricated bearings won't disturb your relaxation
  • Propeller at rear helps to protect against seaweed and other randomly encountered objects
  • LED indicator for pressure on hydraulic box
  • 4m 3-phase wire
  • 12/24V autodetect
  • 8.6kg generator, 1.5kg converter, 1kg hydrualic box

Additional Information
BrandWatt & Sea
What's In The Box
  • Hydrogenerator
  • 200mm propeller
  • Converter
  • Hydraulic box
  • Low friction ring with its splicing rope
  • 2 x Stainless steel forks to be fastened on the transom
  • Bag with connectors
  • 2 x Pre-assembled plugs and their cables
  • Quick couple hydraulic
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