Lenco Autoglide Boat Control Trim Tab System

Lenco Autoglide Boat Control Trim Tab Control System is the most advanced automatic Trim tab control ever developed. Designed and tested over 3 years to military specifications, the system is constantly working to make your Boat the best it can be. The Auto Glide can be easily retrofitted. One of the components that make the Lenco Autoglide Boat Control Trim Tab Control System so effective is the use of Lenco’s highly accurate and precise state of the art electric actuators and the Way the control box commands them.


Advanced solid state electronics can power the actuator in ways not humanly possible for completely seamless operation and that “works like magic” feel! The Auto Glide is different from other “auto systems” in that it never takes any time off. We automatically drive the tabs down before takeoff to greatly reduce the Bow rise and the time to plane, systematically transitioning them into Planing mode. Once the Boat is on plane and to its desired Pitch angle, the Boat is then automatically leveled and held there. It’s that simple!


One of the best features of the Auto Glide is the simple home position set up. The Auto Glide uses some or all of the data it receives, such as changes in the GPS speed, engine RPM and fuel consumption to put your Boat in its most efficient, fastest, and best riding cruising position automatically, every time! More information or check out this video showing you the benefits and our news article 'What are Trim Tabs and why do we need them?'

  • Harness for single actuator Trim tab system
  • Key pad with waterproof connector
  • Control box with waterproof mating connector
  • The Auto Glide can also store two additional positions that can be set up manually for such things as rough water or different speeds.
  • “Hold” feature that will, with a touch of a button, maintain the boat’s Planing position indefinitely until the Boat is powered off.
  • With a tap any of the up or down buttons, you always have a manual override of the system.
  • The Auto Glide control box is an all-in-one, plug and play design utilizing three gyros and three accelerometers in one 6” x 6” x 2” fully submersible and pressure washer-proof box.
  • All connections and components are also waterproof so there are no weak links in the system.
  • Unique user-friendly key pad always displays the boats position through its LED crosshair design and continuously broadcasts the actuator positions of the Trim Tabs over the NMEA 2000 network.
  • Whenever there is an actuator movement the corresponding up or down button on the key pad is illuminated.

NOTE: These kits require Lenco Electronic Trim Tabs. THEY WILL NOT WORK with any other brand.




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Sku General Description Unit Available Price ADD
ZZT049 Lenco Autoglide Kit - No GPS
EACH 2-3 days $2,099.00
ZZT050 Lenco Auto Glide Kit - Single Actuator Trim Tab System
EACH 2-3 days $2,639.00
(RRP: $3,355.00)
ZZT060 Lenco Auto Glide Kit - Dual Actuator Trim Tab System
EACH 2-3 days $3,169.00
(RRP: $3,765.00)
150mm x 150mm

150mm x 150mm

Lenco Autoglide Installed next to Simrad NSE12

Lenco Autoglide Installed next to Simrad NSE12