Asari Tail Turner

Designed by Brett Campbell, the exciting new Asari Tail Turner lure is the most unique lure to hit the market today. It is designed and shaped with a high profile to give off a better silhouette image to fish. It also has a superior inbuilt buoyancy back-up system to avoid snags.


Another feature of the lure is the transfer weight system that allows for longer casts. The lure is also weighted just right to dive at the first crank of the handle as well as the added attraction of inbuilt rattles.


The Tail Turner also has inbuilt air pockets designed for ultra buoyancy that enables the lure to stay in the strike zone for a longer period by twitching rod movements. The bib design is a Brett Campbell first, which he calls the Diamond Lip, and it features an improved tow point system that is very strong and allows the lure to have a freer movement to achieve the lure's maximum action.


Suitable for both fresh and saltwater species.









Brown Tiger



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Sku General Description Size Colour Unit Available Price ADD
REB1181 Asari Tail Turner 60mm Brown Tiger EACH 2-3 days $9.90