Which is Better - StructureScan LSS2 or 3D?
Published at 2016-02-03 00:00:00

The results are in – everyone is raving about the ground-breaking new StructureScan 3D.


For boaties who are still using their existing StructureScan models, you may be asking what the difference is between the older LSS2 and the 3D. Should I upgrade, and is it worth all the hype?


We're here to tell you that it definitely is – and here's why.


The LSS2, also known as StructureScan HD, offers a two-dimensional view of what's to the left and right of your Boat, as well as DownScan to see directly below, all using three-channel broadband Sonar.


On the other hand, StructureScan 3D allows you to see everything in stunning true-to-life 3D, with a much higher definition than LSS2, and the ability to rotate the view on-screen via touch control.


Just rotate and swivel, and you'll be able to get a complete view of what's beneath your Boat, almost as though you were swimming underwater yourself!


The StructureScan 3D has seven elements, resulting in better depth range and better bottom definition. These elements provide you with the normal 2D Side Imaging, required dual elements for the 3D Transmitter and Receiver on each side, and Down Imaging as well – see image below:

3D <a title=Transducer elements" src="https://www.chsmith.com.au/media/wysiwyg/how-3d-works.jpg" height="292" width="382" />


The 3D model also has an improved range of up to 600' each side, and up to 80m Down Imaging. The greater range also makes for less interference. The size of the 3D Transducer is also thicker than that of the LSS2, giving you the ability to see further.


This image demonstrates the difference between the LSS2 and the 3D:


Compare 2D and 3D


The top half of the image shows the view displayed by the LSS-2, while the bottom half shows what you'll see with StructureScan 3D. Actually, 3D allows you to see both on the same screen - with the ability to split your screen to view multiple displays.


So if you haven't checked out StructureScan 3D already, what are you waiting for?


If you have a Lowrance HDS Gen 3 or Simrad NSS Evo 2, software upgrades to StructureScan 3D are available. Simply bring your display in at our Collingwood store and we can upgrade it for you for free, or you can also download the upgrades via these links:


If you're still not convinced, just check out this video demonstration below – prepare to be amazed.



What you'll see with StructureScan 3D - providing incredible detail.

The view offered by LSS2 - Down Image on the left, and Side Image showing bait school on the right.


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Steve Shortt on 26/02/2016 at 11:09:55
Hey guys. The 3D Structure Scan will actually upgrade the 2D "side scan" and takes it to a whole new level also.

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