Over or Under the Radar - We've Got You Covered

A marine Radar is one of the most important additions you can make to your Boat, as having the right Radar is vital to avoiding collisions and ensuring your safety at sea.


It's not enough to just have a GPS, chartplotter or AIS onboard. Radar can detect unseen obstacles above the water that the others can't – and further than the human eye can see.


All radars work well in good weather! A radar's maximum range is determined by target height, Output Power and Antenna length. The higher the value, the better the performance. So in bad weather if my Antenna is longer and my Output Power is higher than yours, I should get better range than you.


Here at CH Smith Marine we've got you covered – with Australia's best range of Radar here in-store.


If you're yet to invest in a Radar, there really is no better time to have a look. Radar technology just keeps on getting better – with recent improvements including Advanced Doppler processing and CHIRP pulse compression.


Advanced Doppler technology colour-codes moving Radar targets to show whether they are inbound (red) or outbound (green), reducing your risk of collision.


Meanwhile, CHIRP pulse compression uses multiple compressed Radar pulses to display targets like boats, landmarks, rocks, and weather cells with unsurpassed Resolution and separation quality.


Here are a few of our top picks that we think worth a look:

Raymarine Quantum 2


Raymarine Quantum 2 CHIRP Radar combines CHIRP pulse compression with Advanced Doppler Processing for superior target awareness and collision avoidance.


Quantum 2 also features fully automatic target acquisition and tracking. Configure custom safety or alarm zones and be alerted to new Radar contacts entering the zone. Quantum2 can begin tracking those contacts automatically, calculating their Course, speed, Closest Point of Approach and more. You’ll be alerted to dangerous contacts with audible alerts and easy to understand on-screen graphics.


Also notable mentions are the Raymarine Quantum Q24C and RD424HD.


Furuno DRS4D NXT


Furuno DRS4D-NXT UHD Digital Radar packs the performance of an open array Radar in a compact 24” radome. It's a solid-state, pulse compression Doppler Radar that's complete with RezBoost technology, Target Analyser and Fast Target Tracking.


DRS4D-NXT is the first Radar to make use of Furuno's RezBoost. With RezBoost, you'll see more detailed targets, with less clutter – and when RezBoost is set to MAX, the sharpness equivalent of a 2 degree Beam Width can be achieved.


DRS4D-NXT also makes it easier to see upcoming targets at a glance through its Target Analyser function and Doppler moving target display. This allows for superior situational awareness, and can increase your safety by showing you which targets to look out for – with impending hazards shown with red echoes, and safe, stationary ones in green.


With so much information at your fingertips, you can rest assured that you'll be much safer on the water.


Simrad Halo


Simrad HALO is a high-performance, open-array Radar which combines the best characteristics of traditional pulse and FMCW Broadband systems tand utilise pulse compression technology. With its innovative design, it's easy to see why HALO won the prestigious DAME Technology Design Award following its release in 2015.

HALO also has a Dual Range mode with dual MARPA target tracking (with a separate Heading sensor), meaning you can track up to 20 targets. You'll also be able to see up to 72 nautical miles away, with advanced signal processing, high target definition and minimal clutter.

Broadband Radar


3G & 4G Broadband Radar from Lowrance, Simrad or B&G are a popular choice as they provide crystal clear images of your surroundings through low Noise FMCW technology. There's no more waiting 2-3 minutes for magnetron warm up, as the radar's solid state design provides InstantOn™ capability.


4G goes even further, with 50% more range than 3G Radar, optimal Target Separation and Beam sharpening for images the equivalent of what a 3.5' open array Radar can provide.

We currently have both 3G and 4G radars on special, so there's no better time to invest in one. Save $500 on any 4G Lowrance, Simrad or B&G Radar – and up to $650 on 3G radars.


So come on in and check out Australia's best range of radar right here at CH Smith Marine - 189 Grange Rd, Fairfield.


You can also get in touch with us here online, or phone (03) 9403 4800.


We have Australia's best range of radar right here in-store.
Radar can detect unseen obstacles above the water that the others can't.
Advanced Doppler technology colour-codes moving radar targets to show whether they are inbound (red) or outbound (green).