TotalScan - Elite GO and Vulcan
Published at 2016-03-18 00:00:00

Say hello to TotalScan – the newest all-in-one Transducer to provide high Resolution Sonar imaging, matching Broadband and CHIRP Sonar with StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging. It is also one of four new Transducers that feature the new xSonic (9-pin black) connector.


With TotalScan, you will have a complete view of what's beneath your Boat, as though you were swimming underwater yourself.


To take advantage of this, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G have upgraded their existing Elite, GO and Vulcan ranges by unveiling the Lowrance Elite Ti, Simrad GO XSE and B&G Vulcan FS, with all-new improved capabilities and features.


Each comes with an impressive range of benefits, such as broadband CHIRP, built-in GPS that updates ten times a second, and built-in WiFi access to the latest charts.


What are some of the differences between them, though? We suss it all out for you here.



Lowrance Elite Ti


The new Lowrance Elite Ti fishfinder/ plotters match high-end functions and features, such as broadband CHIRP and GPS, with powerful performance.


The series sports all the features of the recent Lowrance Hook range, plus single touch screen functionality, StructureScan HD capability, and the ability to to connect to your MotorGuide Xi5 Trolling motor via SmartSteer technology.


Elite-5 Ti will be arriving April 2016, and Elite-7 Ti is out now.

Each is available in TotalScan and DownScan models.



Simrad GO XSE


Simrad GO XSE is designed for sport boaters who want an all-in-one Navigation display that will do everything you need.


Boasting a multi-touch screen with pinch-to-zoom, the GO 5 and GO 7 XSEs combine a chartplotter with broadband CHIRP, built-in GPS, built-in Wi-Fi and StructureScan HD capability, but also the ability to add a ForwardScan forward-looking Transducer.


You also have the ability to integrate the GO 5 or 7 XSE with your Simrad Autopilot or SonicHub 2 so you can control your onboard sound system, monitor engine data and more over NMEA 2000.

The system also comes complete with Navionics Gold maps, or the option of adding a Platinum map.


Available as GO 5 XSE or GO 7 XSE (out now).

Each is available in TotalScan and DownScan models.



B&G Vulcan FS


B&G Vulcan FS is a fully integrated electronics package designed for sailors, packed with functions such as B&G’s SailSteer, Sailing Time and Laylines. These features provide crucial information like Waypoint arrival times, wind data, wind shift sectors, Heading and Tide.


Not only does Vulcan FS boast a multi-touch screen, as well as built-in CHIRP, GPS and WiFi, but its advanced NMEA 2000 network also offers a wide variety of integration options – such as the ability to add StructureScan HD or ForwardScan, but also to integrate with B&G autopilots, onboard instruments and sensors, Sonic Hub, and even V50 DSC VHF Radio (with built-in AIS).


System suits multiple Cartography options including C-MAP MAXN, Navionics, NV Digital Charts, Insight and Insight Genesis.


Available as Vulcan 5 FS or Vulcan 7 FS (out now).



So if you're in the market for a new multi-function display set-up, why not check out these great new models?


Come in to our Collingwood store to see them for yourself, or give us a call for more information today.




TotalScan makes it possible to target fish and search for fish-holding structure with the same transducer.

Lowrance Elite 5 & 7 Ti

Simrad GO7 XSE

B&G Vulcan 7 FS

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