Relaxn Pelagic Seats for a comfy ride

At CH Smith Marine we have attended many Boat shows and had many people sit in our seats, then listened to what they liked and disliked about them.


A common theme was Stainless Steel chassis, arm rests, adjustable thigh support, grab rail etc.


So we have talked to our designers and the result is the Relaxn Pelagic Seat - the ultimate in comfort!


Relaxn Pelagic Seats make use of all the above to provide a comfortable ride in all conditions. Each has high back support and plush high-density foam padding, finished in fully upholstered heavy-duty marine grade vinyl. The seats also feature a flip up thigh support, which allows more space when you go to stand up.


When placed on the new Relaxn Air Ride Pedestal, it will take out the teeth chattering chop and the shock and awe of those big waves.


These will be on display in our new show room in 2017, so you're invited to come and try it out! Feel the difference for yourself! Check out our seats here in-store via Google Maps 360!


Available in black/ grey or white to suit your vessel.


Flip up thigh support
Back pocket for extra storage

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