How Does 3D Sounding Work?

Here at CH Smith Marine we're pretty excited about the upcoming release of StructureScan 3D (January 2016). Set to be a game-changer, 3D Sounding is revolutionary and unlike anything we've ever seen before.


So how does it work exactly?


If you think of the Way a 3D video is filmed – focusing two lenses on the same object to give it multiple dimensions – 3D Sonar works on the same principle.


For 3D Sonar, signal returns from the same object are received by two separate elements:


How 3D <a title=Sounding Works" src="{{media url="wysiwyg/how-3d-works.jpg"}}" height="355" width="466" />


You can compare the difference between 2D and 3D here in the images below.


The top half of the screen is the 2D StructureScan HD display, while the image below it is what you'll see with the StructureScan 3D. The arrow indicates which point you're looking at.


Compare 2D and 3D 



So where with StructureScan HD you would have only had access to an image like this:


StructureScan HD



You will now have much more information to go off with the StructureScan 3D.


Check out the screenshots below from when Simrad expert Mike Smedley took StructureScan 3D out on the water. 


As you can see, StructureScan 3D allows you to gain extra perspective, with the ability to pan, rotate and tilt your Way until you are viewing the object you want to see at the desired angle.


StructureScan 3D


StructureScan 3D


StructureScan 3D


StructureScan 3D's ScanTrack function allows you to rotate around your Boat on-screen for a 360-degree view of what your Sonar is trying to show you. (Check out the video below for some incredible examples!)


This will give you a huge advantage when fishing. No longer will there be any guesswork – you will be able to prove just how long and deep a structure is, where objects are in relation to your Boat , and exactly how far off the bottom they are.


With the high Resolution detail of the StructureScan 3D, Sounding data comes to life and can be viewed real-time in true-to-life images.


StructureScan will be available early January 2016.

If you have a Lowrance HDS Gen 3 or Simrad NSS Evo2, a software upgrade has been released to make them 3D compatible.


For more information, read here. Also be sure to read our article on how StructureScan makes a difference in the Way you fish.



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