Furuno and CH Smith Marine together - Again

In 1957 Geoff Smith (former manging director of C.H.Smith Marine) travelled to Japan, met the Furuno brothers and secured the Sole agency for Tasmania and later, Victoria. In those days Furuno was represented by different companies in each state, with JN Taylor becoming Sole Australian agent in 1976.  


The original paper echo sounders (F710) predated transistors and were, like the radios of the time, powered by valves. However they quickly became transistorised in the early 60''s and models like the F860, F863, F850 become the dominant mode, mainly in the commercial fishing fleet.


Smaller models such as the FG200, a 4" paper sounder, was released at the end of the 60''s and quickly found acceptance by recreational fishers and have been passionately supported by them ever since.


The early 1980''s saw the introduction of colour CRT Echo Sounders for commercial and recreational use and this market was dominated by Furuno, Koden and JRC. The late 90''s to present day brought the colour LCD displays such as the FCV620, FCV585, FCV295 and FCV1150.


The first Furuno Radars appeared in 1969 and market leaders up until then had been KElvin Hughes and Racal Decca. They were a complicated 3 unit installation needing klyston and thyraton valves in addition to the magnetrons that are still widely used today.. They had an Antenna connected by a wave guide to a Transmitter below Deck and a display. The wave guide was a hollow Channel that had to be plumbed into place. Solid state mid 1970''s design enabled the Transmitter to be located in the Antenna and saw smaller, easier installations. One of the most innovative Radar applications was to the Antarctic Division for use on their Nodwell land carriers around their bases in Antarctica. They placed aluminium cans on poles to mark out their roads which were invisible in heavy snow storms.


C.H.Smith Marine is pleased to be adding this brand to our stocking solution and look forward to  being able to demonstrate this range to you!

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