Simrad S5100 CHIRP Sonar Module

Simrad S5100 high-performance 3 Channel CHIRP Sonar Module is simply awesome. If any of these activities apply to you: pellagic Trolling, coastal reef, deep drop, fast Trolling, offshore, best Target Separation, you will want to hook up a Simrad S5100. See and independently control all levels: bottom, middle and top. AVAILABLE NOW.

Simrad S5100 features three fully independent Channels that deliver high-resolution, precision-focused Sonar coverage across up to three different depth ranges. With the S5100’s advanced CHIRP technology, you’ll see clear to the bottom with no mid-water Noise or clutter.

Connect three single-channel transducers, or pair one dual-channel and one single-channel, to create the perfect Sonar coverage for the areas you Fish and the Species you target.

Simultaneous split-screen viewing capability puts you in complete control of the water column, while advanced processing technology allows you to Fish with noise-free clarity at all depth ranges without ever losing bottom depth tracking.

Mix and match your favourite Transducer coverage and Transmit Power for wide and narrow beam-widths to reveal more Fish, detecting small and tightly spaced Fish and identifying thermoclines; or adjust specific CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz to precisely target specific depths producing big, crisp arches with clear Target Separation.


  • Displays up to three different depth ranges simultaneously
  • Drives Airmar 1kw, 2kw & 3kw CHIRP Transducers to their full potential
  • Frequency: 25-250kHz
  • Connect to Simrad NSS evo3 and NSS evo2 multifunction displays, NSO evo2 Glass Bridge systems, and S2000-series Fish finders
  • Power Input: 12-24vDC
  • Power Consumption: 85w typical
  • Compass Safe Distance: 1.8m
  • Waterproof Rating: IPx5
  • Usable Depth: will depend on Transducer selection
  • High-speed Ethernet connectivity
  • Supplied with 4.5m Ethernet cable, Power Cable,  3 x 7pin- 9 pin adaptor cables
  • Requires optional (GPS829) junction box for hard wired Transducer - 1 per Transducer



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Sku General Description Unit Available Price ADD
GPS825 S5100 3 Channel CHIRP Sonar Module
EACH In Stock $1,999.00
Sku General Description Unit Available Price ADD
ESA947 Lowrance/Simrad B164 1kW Bronze T/H 1kw Transducer 20° Tilt 7 pin Blue Plug
EACH In Stock $1,199.00
GPS935 Simrad B175L 20° Deadrise Bronze T/H CHIRP 1kw Transducer 40-60kHz 7 Pin Blue Plug EACH 2-3 days $1,089.00
GPS9411 Simrad SS175H-W 20° Dead Rise Xsonic T/H S/S T/d w/temp & 9pin black plug 10m cable
EACH In Stock $1,899.00
GPS9425 Simrad SS175L xSonic Transducer - 1kW - 40-60kHz - 20° Deadrise inc Temp & 9 pin Black Plug
In Stock $1,539.00
GPS9431 Simrad TM260 T/M Xsonic 1kw Transducer - inc. 10m cable, bracket & 9pin plug
EACH In Stock $1,099.00
GPS9464 Lowrance/ Simrad TM185H-W S/S T/M xSonic 1kw Transducer - inc temp & 9pin black plug
In Stock $1,349.00
GPS9541 Simrad TM275LH-W T/M xSonic 1kw CHIRP Transducer- 42-65kHz 16°/ 150-250kHz 25° 2x 9 Pin Black Plugs
EACH In Stock $1,899.00
GPS9581 R509LHW xSonic Chirp T/H 2-3kw T/ducer 28-60KHz/150-250KHz Wide Beam
2-3 days $4,799.00
Sku General Description Unit Available Price ADD
GPS829 xSonic Pigtail T/D Wiring Block
EACH In Stock $218.00
UPGRADE - conditions apply
Sku General Description Unit Available Price ADD
GPS8251 S5100 Service Upgrade EACH 2-3 days $550.00
340mmW x 100mmH x 378mmD (inc. connectors); 250mmD (no connectors) Weight 4.7kg

340mmW x 100mmH x 378mmD (inc. connectors); 250mmD (no connectors)


Weight 4.7kg