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The C-Tick is an identification trademark registered to the Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA). The CTick mark signifies that the labelled electronic device is compliant with applicable electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements. The C-Tick mark also provides a traceable link between the equipment and the supplier and is a pre-requisite of the Australian Government to legally sell the product in Australia.

Australian legislation states it is illegal to operate radio communication equipment such as VHF Radios and AIS which do not have a C-tick label on the unit (non-compliant).

Australian law states that the consequences of operating non-compliant radio communication equipment in Australia will result in 10 years prison, $10,000 fine and loss of equipment.

To comply with the C-Tick requirements a supplier must:

  • Have their product tested to the relevant standard and obtain an EMC Test Report
  • Complete a declaration of conformity
  • Collate any relevant product information
  • Create a compliance folder
  • Apply to the ACMA for use of the C-Tick mark
  • Label the product with the C-Tick mark


In Europe, the European compliance mark is the CE mark and covers a Range of requirements including EMC and Electrical Safety. The EMC requirements to obtain CE approval are more extensive than those in Australia, where only radiated RF and Mains Terminal emission measurements are required. Products marked with a CE logo should in theory, but do not necessarily comply with C-Tick requirements but still have to be applied for.

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