Williamson Live Mack 7-inch Lure

Williamson Live Mack 7-inch lures are a favorite bait of big predators like Marlin, Sailfish, Tuna and Wahoo. The Williamson Live Mack exactly imitates the swimming action of the real thing. Williamson Lures patented "Hook Lock" system provides perfect hook presentation and maximum strike efficiency. Multiple rigging ports for easy and varied rigging. The LMKR07 swims out of the pakage at 6 knots, and the LMKR10 runs at 9 knots. No tuning needed and the Live Mackerel will be excellent if mixed with a spread that uses a Rapala CD Magnum or an X-Rap Magnum. Can also be trolled on a flat line under your favorite spread mix of Williamson surface lures and teasers. The LMKR07 comes pre-rigged with a single 8/0 hook and 5 feet of 130lb. line. The LMKR10 comes pre-rigged with VMC Dynacut Point Hook and 10 feet of 300lb. line.







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REB1101Williamson 7" Live Mack LureEACH2-3 days$35.20