Berkley Gulp Soft Plastics

Berkley Gulp Soft Plastics looks alive, feels alive and tastes alive! These baits are available in many popular freshwater and saltwater shapes and colors. When fishing with Berkley Gulp Soft Plastics, it is important to Fish the bait slowly and allow the bait to do what it is intended to do, disperse scent.



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REB33311286543"nuc chickenEACH2-3 days$13.50
REB42511405305"Satay ChickenEACH2-3 days$11.00
REB42611405325"Cajun ChickenEACH2-3 days$11.00
REB42711405335"Sweet 'n Sour ChickenEACH2-3 days$11.00
REB42811405345"BBQ ChickenEACH2-3 days$11.00