Axis Hammar Hi Viz Flame Resistant PFD

Axis Hammar Hi Viz Flame Resistant PFD, features the Swedish HAMMAR HydroStatic operating system for automatic inflation. This system works by the pressure difference between the inside of the bladder and the outside. When immersed in water by 10cm, the hydrostatic valve opens which pierces the CO2 cylinder and the [autolinksExclude=jacket] inflates within 3-5 seconds.


As the valve requires pressure to activate, it can withstand humidity, spray and wave splash without causing accidental inflation.


The [autolinksExclude=jacket] also features:

  • EN533 Certified for protection against heat and flame, limited flame spread material
  • 150N AS4758.1 Australian Type approval
  • AS1906-4.2010 Compliant Hi-Viz
  • Anti-Static Polyester Carbon Fabric, 98& Poly, 2% Carbon
  • Fast Open Zip Closure
  • 200N of Buoyancy
  • Can Fit Optional Crutch Strap


Axis offers self servicing guides , to ensure this process is quick, easy and completed on a regular basis. To get the most out of your PFD, check out the Inflatable PFD Self Inspection Procedures





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HAMMAR Hydrostatic  sensor included

HAMMAR Hydrostatic  sensor included