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Airmar TM150M Transom Transducer

Airmar TM150M Transom Chirp Transducer is a small sized depth, speed and temp Transducer suitable for Inboard/outboard boats, jet Boats and mall general purpose vehicles. It has a high leverl of Noise shielding despite it's size for clear Sounding. It's square bladed paddle wheel improves linearity and gives a more accurate reading throughout speed ranges and is non-projecting so it is protected from impacts with objects that may be in the water.







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Fishing and Marine Electronics / Transducers
Sku General Description Type Unit Available Price ADD
ESI955 Garmin TM150M Transom Transducer 300W - 95/155kHz Chirp Transducer 010-11928-20 EACH In Stock $299.00

Weight - 0.5kg

Weight - 0.5kg

299.00 In stock