New Furuno FCV-588 in-store now
Published at 2015-11-05 00:00:00

Furuno has unveiled its next generation of Fishfinder – with the FCV-588 following the success of the ever-popular FCV-587 and raising the bar even higher than before.


Not only is the FCV-588 packed with all the features you loved from the FCV-587, but it also sports groundbreaking new RezBoost technology, providing you with fantastic Resolution, clarity and Target Separation when using a conventional 600w or 1kW narrow bandwidth Transducer. This offers CHIRP-like performance and achieves much sharper and more defined echoes when finding your Fish.


How is RezBoost different to CHIRP, though?


The Furuno TruEcho CHIRP DFF1-UHD achieves an image that is up to 10 times clearer than traditional Furuno FDF technology, such as the FCV-587.

RezBoost imagery is up to 8 times clearer than a traditional FDF Fish Finder – so very close to their CHIRP product performance, but for a fraction of the cost.


So where is the bang for your buck with the FCV-588 vs the FCV-587?

The FCV-588 has up to 8 times the target Resolution of the FCV-587, with CHIRP-like performance allowing you to harness the positives of CHIRP visuals without the expensive hardware or technicalities involved with successful CHIRP installation in a trailer Boat.


The FCV-588 also boasts an improved Accu-Fish function, which identifies individual or multiple Fish instantly and analyses their size for you - and the handy Bottom Discrimination function, which scans bottom structures to indicate whether they're made up of rocks, gravel, sand or mud. This provides valuable information that will help you locate fishing grounds that are teaming with Fish and boost your catch of the day.


The White Line feature further helps to distinguish Fish from the seabed.


Last but not least, the FCV-588 comes fully equipped with a Fish Alarm function. When fish echoes appear in an area preset by the user, the FCV-588 will sound a loud alarm and display an alarm icon on screen.


The integrated alarm can also be set to be triggered by specific conditions for water depth, target depth, water temperature, bottom type and more – meaning you will never miss a target again.


With so many great features, you'll never look back with a Furuno FCV-588.

Why not get in touch with us here at CH Smith Marine and get yours today?


The Bottom Discrimination function is sure to help boost your catch of the day!


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Robert Higgins on 17/11/2015 at 22:13:57
I currently run a 585 with a 1KW wide beam transom mount , I have been trying deep drop fishing in 200 to 500 mtrs and find this combination struggles for decent bottom/ fish discrimination .Will the 588 with an appropriate tranny give better results, what combination would you recommend ? could I run my wide beam on say 200hz at the same time(looking for near surface schooling bait fish)

Looking forward to your recommendations .

Robert .
CH Smith Marine help desk from C.H. Smith Marine Reponded on 18/11/2015 at 22:13:57
The FCV588 has got Rezboost so it will give finer detail.

Wide beams cover a large amount of bottom area so not really design for deep water dropping.

We recommend to put on a TM260 for deep dropping and use the existing wide beams for shallow water fishing in 200m. Simply plug in which ever transducer suits what you are fishing for

Both transducers are compatible with FCV585, 587, 588.

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