New Safety Alert KTi SAG2 GPS PLB
Published at 2014-11-23 00:00:00

The new KTI SAG2 PLB with GPS provides you with world wide coverage transmitting an updated location every 5 minutes. Designed and manufactured in Victoria, the 66 Channel GPS has a 3m accuracy and the device also includes a 121.5MHz rapid signal and 406MHz transmission.



  • LED strobe light.
  • Unique digitally coded message enables Rescue authorities to confirm owners identity within minutes, reducing rescue time and false alarms.
  • No Subscription
  • 10 year battery replacement period for low cost of ownership!!! Duration: in excess of 24 hours at -20C, longer at higher ambient temperatures.
  • Self Buoyant without case, waterproof IPX67 design.
  • Supplied with Wrist/Neck strap, Carry Pouch with belt loops.
  • Whistle built into lanyard & operating instructions visible on lanyard
  • Meets UN requirements for transport as Non-hazardous cargo on board passenger aircraft. Note: Not FCC approved for USA.


KTI SAG2 PLB provides you with 6 independent means of rescue:

  • 406MHz transmission
  • 121.5MHz homing signal
  • GPS location
  • High-intensity LED strobe
  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle



The device is also salt water and corrosion resistant up to 3m and able to communicate directly to national SAR (search and rescue) authorities worldwide.



The beacon and the GPS are both able to be tested following the correct procedure. Beacon testing should not be undertaken any more that once a month and GPS testing should be completed twice a year.



Suitable for a large range of uses including fishing, hunting, BMX, skiing, four wheel driving, kayaking and more.


Supplied with carry bag, lanyard with whistle, mirror

88mmH x 65mmW X 32mmD
Weight: 140g


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Ross Carter on 04/12/2015 at 03:17:23
The wife and I like to travel a lot and have ventured to places like Birdsville and Cameron Corner - easy enough to get to but very remote . Last easter we were camping on the river up past Mildura and the wife had a heart attack luckily we had phone coverage and were able to call for help but we couldn't give our exact location so I had to drive her out of the bush so the ambulance could find us, she is ok now but we are in our late fifties are are going to buy a PLB now for our travels but one thing I would like to know is should I take out insurance in case we ever have to use it or is there no cost for a genuine emergency, We are both ambulance members so we were lucky last time as we were close to a large township , but what would have happened if we were miles from anywhere .
Regards Ross

adrien on 12/03/2015 at 11:48:13
Hi there,

I'm really into bush bashing and white river kayaking and would like to know how deep is it waterproof and how long for?
Travelling to trek overseas as well, could I use it if it's registered in Australia?

Thank's for your answer.


Support Desk from C.H. Smith Marine Reponded on 20/03/2015 at 11:48:13
The SAG2 is waterproof to 3m for 1 hour.

Yes provided you are an Australian resident & have registered it before you use it, the PLB can be used thru out the world.

Just be aware it needs to see the sky, so if in forest, you will need to move to a clearing to get the signal to the satellite.

Max Campbell on 23/11/2014 at 04:19:06
I want to buy a KTi SAG2 GPS PLB from you, but I cannot find an add to cart method on your site



Hi Max,

You can find the add to cart where the product's SKU number is listed. If you click anywhere in that box then the product will be added to your cart.


CH Smith Marine Help Desk

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