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Australian Standard AS4758 for PFD's came into effect in July 2010.

  • Level 150 - similar to inflatable PFD Type 1 and suitable for offshore use
  • Level 100 - similar to PFD Type 1 and the minimum requirement for offshore use
  • Level 50 - similar to PFD Type 2
  • Level 50 Special Purpose (50S) - to replace PFD Type 3

It replaced AS1512 and most manufacturers are now producing to the new AS4758. Existing AS1512 can still be used and sold provided they are in a servicable condition until 2020. For more information on PFD's visit the National Marine Safety Committee Website, or to understand the regulations in the state you plan to go boating, visit your local marine safety authority:

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Inflatable PFD Self Inspection Procedures: Inflatable PFD's are a technical product that require a regular maintenance safety program. Because of their specific functional nature, Inflatable PFD's require an annual inspection regardless of whether they have been inflated or not. The annual inspection should begin 12 months from original date of purchase we recommend that the date of purchase be recorded on the service maintenance schedule affixed to the inflation valve side of the PFD's bladder.

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